Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Best of the Year | Night Business 1 & 2

From across the pond Night Business received a nod from prominent UK indie comic creator, Rob Jackson, on the Forbidden Planet International blog. Rob listed Night Biz as one of his favorite comics of 2009. Check it out here.


poop scoop said...

Have you read any Anarcoma by Nazario?

Unknown said...

I never have. I didn't even know what that book was until I saw your comment. I looked it up online and it looks amazing, but hard to find.

poop scoop said...

I didn't even know it existed when I saw it, and, flipping through, I couldn't even believe it did. The whole thing is violent mind fuck of decadent eighties smut and violence. I like how he lets the masculinity show through in Anarcoma's appearance (she's has a pretty thick treasure trail) while still being sexy, and the colors are mesmerizing. It reminds me of Night Business, so I thought there might have been a connection (particularly when you talked about making pure trash entertainment set in the eighties). If you can ever find a copy, it's definitely worth twice as much as you'll be end up paying.