Friday, May 6, 2011

Space Barbarians Of The Ultimate Future Dimensions

I am entering the realm of web comics with the story ZORION THE SWORDLORD. He is one of the immortal SPACE BARBARIANS OF THE ULTIMATE FUTURE DIMENSIONS, but more on them later. I plan to stop reading during my commute and instead draw pages for this web comic while I wait for buses and trains, while I'm on buses and trains or when I have idle time, like drawing during breakfast, or random downtime I find for myself, plotting the story as I go. New pages will be added every Friday. You can start reading it here.

When the Space Gods created the universe they did so using a powerful tool, the PHASER-AXE. But the PHASER-AXE is also the most powerful weapon in all of the universe and it gained sentience. With it's self-knowledge it felt hate toward the Space Gods, for the PHASER-AXE is truly the embodiment of all evil, and it set off on its destiny to destroy the universe in the only way possible, by cleaving the HEARTSTAR. Wrapping itself in a comet, the PHASER-AXE, travels toward the HEARTSTAR, hellbent on bringing the universe to its end. The Space Gods then created the SPACE BARBARIANS OF THE ULTIMATE FUTURE DIMENSIONS, warriors in different dimensions of the universe with individual destinies and adventures, existing and operating with no knowledge of each other, in separate realities taking place near the demise of the universe. Each of the SPACE BARBARIANS, through their legion of adventures, is a piece to a puzzle which will stop the PHASER-AXE from completing it's mission: to reach the HEARTSTAR and shatter all dimensions by cleaving the central sun in two.

Some of the known SPACE BARBARIANS include:

• U-Nonymous the Unknowable, barbarian detective addicted to the cosmic drug known as The Make, who seeks to find the Opto-Gravplex and save the planet Pollear-Axis 99 from falling into a black hole.

• The Ark of the Desecration, the exiled Black Prince of Elia, now famed bounty hunter in the year 106,672, wielder of the magic sword Megahellnaut and master of strange science sorcery.
The Ark of the Desecration

BronzeGold, worshiped wandering warrior, lover and slayer.

Hjellhjammer the Heschienne, the hirsute seducer of the Infinite Tesseract, enemy to demons, the Bike Masters and the Cyber-Caesar.
Hjellhjammer the Heschienne

Be on the look out for more news about the SPACE BARBARIANS OF THE ULTIMATE FUTURE DIMENSIONS!!