Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Interview | Italian VICE

I get interviewed by Italian VICE's Tim Small. It's up over on their website ... it's all in Italian ...
Check it out here.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

OBEY Interview

OBEY's Chris Ziegler interviews me over at their website. We talk about where my ideas come from, loving what you make, stoner-style doodling, photo-reference and other subjects. Here's a piece of the awesome introduction Chris wrote:
Does Marra simply just love drawing a motorcycle tire smearing some thug’s head into pulp on a sidewalk in Nowhere City, U.S.A., circa 1983? Turns out that ‘Fuck yes!’ doesn’t even do the sentiment justice. The adolescent passion unchained here is matched only in the most ridiculously enduring excesses of punk and heavy metal—the soundtrack to what Marra describes as the kind of artwork that spills out of a sullen stoner in the back of the class in high school. His characters and his plots and his worlds themselves are distorted and deformed beyond the laws of physics and society both, but make up for it with the kind of confident enthusiasm you get only when your sword is also a chainsaw, and you can fly, too.
Check out the full interview here.

The Werewolf Of London | Rubin Museum Introduction

This Friday at 9:30 I'll be introducing the timeless horror movie THE WEREWOLF IN LONDON at The Rubin Museum. Swing by, hear me talk about horror, have a cocktail and watch the movie.