Monday, August 24, 2009


Night Business, Issues 1 and 2, and Gangsta Rap Posse, Issue 1, can now be found on the iTunes app Panelfly. Panelfly enables you to buy and read comics on your iPhone. In the past few weeks there's been the release of a few of these apps designed for reading comics on mobile devices. Panelfly blows them all away as far as user-interface goes, in my opinion. It is an incredibly elegant UI and made me a believer in comics translating to mobile devices. I'm a purist about comics being published in the pamphlet format but I was extremely impressed with Panelfly. For those of you out there with an iPhone I wholeheartedly recommend getting the Panelfly app at the app store. And be sure to check out Panelfly's website here.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Good vs. Evil 3

I received my copy of Good vs. Evil 3 in the mail yesterday. My two-page comic "Tales of the Cat Master" appears in the issue along with a portrait of Conan I made (which appear about 45 seconds into the video). Check out the issue in the above video. And check out more stuff here at the blog.

Johnny Ryan Knows What Time It Is

The immortal Johnny Ryan, creator of Angry Youth Comics and the forthcoming Prison Pit (see sample page below), gave me a big plug in his recent interview with the mustachioed Nick Gazin (who did the above rendering of Johnny) over at Vice. Check it out here. The interview itself is extremely hilarious. I can't recommend Johnny's comics highly enough. They go places no one else would dare and, like all great art, show you something you've always known but never have seen before. Thanks, Johnny.