Saturday, December 26, 2009

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Best of the Year | Night Business 1 & 2

From across the pond Night Business received a nod from prominent UK indie comic creator, Rob Jackson, on the Forbidden Planet International blog. Rob listed Night Biz as one of his favorite comics of 2009. Check it out here.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

More T-shirt Designs on Threadless

Here's two more designs I submitted to and are now up for scoring. Check'em out:
It's In The Box.
Said The Wrong Thing.

David Bowie Sketch

I did this sketch of David Bowie in Sean T. Collins sketchbook devoted to the rock icon at SPX this year. He just posted a few of the sketches from the book over at Robot 6 blog. (Ben Katchor's sketch and quote is particularly funny). Sean handed me a few magazines which contained many photos of Bowie in his various forms. I told him to come back in an hour or so. I picked a Ziggy-era mode. Bowie is fun to draw. I never would've guessed. The result was a sort of Night Business-esque version of the man.

Also, check out many of the other artists who have provided Bowie sketches for Sean's book here. It's an impressive roster.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Saturday, December 5, 2009


This is a booklet I created in my first year of grad school. It's titled Transfer and tells the story of twin brothers. One of the twins doesn't have legs, the other doesn't have arms. Neither have the top half of a head with eyes. But they find a top-half head with eyes growing from a tree. Working together they're able to reach it. But the brother with arms has a demon in his head. So they go into psycho therapy to get rid of the demon. The therapist gives them their own voice. When the brothers travel in the world they come across a woman in military gear with a pet monkey. They are about to ring a bell at the top of a building. When the brother try to speak with their newly achieved personal voice, the woman tells them to shush, takes the voice and throws it in a well. When the monkey strikes the bell, the twins and their half-head with eyes break apart. And the story starts over again. I was influenced heavily by Marcel Dzama and Henry Darger when I was making these pictures.

The Acid Thrower

This is a series of paintings, or drawings, or collages, I did when I was in my first year of grad school. The were collected into a book that I handmade. I called it The Acid Thrower. It's about a race car driver who has a compulsion to throw acid on people, while naked. There are vignettes here in which the Acid Thrower throws acid on different characters including a lion tamer, a demon summoned by nude, Satan-worshiping, Upper West Side yuppies (like those in Rosemary's Baby), a shiek's harem member, among others. He's finally defeated when he comes across a being who feeds off the acid the Acid Thrower tries to cast upon him. The story is supposed to take place on a makeshift stage and backdrop. The Acid Thrower is intended to exist within the world with the makeshift stage, but the characters he interacts with are intended to be set pieces, or cut-out props. The images to the story here are incomplete. There's about half-a-dozen others in the collection. It was a weird time for me and some of the weirder work I've created. I was certainly seeking something regarding a way of working formally that felt comfortable but included many techniques that intrigued me.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lil B | 6 Kiss | Album artwork

Here's the artwork I just completed for Lil B's album 6 Kiss. A detail of the cover and the full front-and-back image.