Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Naked Heroes

I made this drawing for The Naked Heroes upcoming Iberian Tour in January. They're using it as their gig poster and as a t-shirt design.

The Marra Method: Traditional Comics Techniques for Visual Storytelling | 12. Use the 180-Degree Rule for Blocking a Scene

An on-going, evolving series collecting my thoughts on the craft of telling stories through comic books. These posts do not document rules; these are the ideas passing through my mind when I'm making comic books.

12. Use the 180-Degree Rule for Blocking a Scene

• If a character is on the left of another character at the beginning of a scene, they should remain be on the left of that character for the duration of the scene

• For the sake of clarity in organizing the blocking of a scene, the camera shouldn't exceed the 180-degree span between two characters. 

• The characters can move anywhere in a space, but they should always remain in the same relation to each other within the panel, to the left or right of one another.

• There are exceptions, for instance when a character jumps over another and changes the dynamic.