Monday, April 21, 2008

Mammal | NY Comic Con

We had a tremendous time this past weekend at the NY Comic Con. We sold a ton of books and met a lot of great people. Our booth looked great thanks to Devin's wife Jenny and her crafty design and decorative talents. Devin really pulled everything together and was a constant source of energy throughout what was a surprisingly exhausting few days. Who knew that sitting around nerding it out for a weekend? One of the highlights for me happened when I wasn't at the booth. Tom and Devin told me that Ralph Bakshi came around to the booth and wanted to buy the original pages of Night Business. He said the stuff reminded him of Spain Rodriguez. I revere both Bakshi and Rodriguez. Bakshi has been a strong influence on me throughout my life. His designs and then his attitude and psychological approach to his work continue to inspire me. I'm going to try and get in touch with Ralph to complete the deal.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mammal | New Cover! and Space Barbarians!

So, after a discussion, I volunteered to replace the original Mammal cover to avoid a potential controversy. I don't want play it safe with my drawings. I don't want to run in the middle of the pack. I want to make challenging, difficult pictures that are not soon forgotten. But I wonder if that works for illustration? Anyway, here's the new and improved Mammal cover for issue 002. It's of my character Hjellhjammerr the Heschienne vs. his arch-nemesis the Cyber Ceasar in the year 57,489. Hjellhjammer is one of The Space Barbarians of the Future Dimensions. U-Nonymous the Unknowable is also a member of The Space Barbarians. The other two are named Cy-Borgbarian and Darkheart of Duume (a working title). You'll see images of the latter two in future posts. Space Barbarians!

Monday, April 7, 2008

The Undiscovered Letter Online Gallery

The Art Directors Club has set up an online gallery for all 27 finalists for The Undiscovered letter. Check it out here. You can see the gallery of my stuff (the U-Nonymous the Unknowable series) along with my preparatory sketches here.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

New look Website

I did a minor overhaul of my website. Check out it's new look here. I added a Comics section and added a bunch of the images that have already been posted on the blog.