Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mammal | New Cover! and Space Barbarians!

So, after a discussion, I volunteered to replace the original Mammal cover to avoid a potential controversy. I don't want play it safe with my drawings. I don't want to run in the middle of the pack. I want to make challenging, difficult pictures that are not soon forgotten. But I wonder if that works for illustration? Anyway, here's the new and improved Mammal cover for issue 002. It's of my character Hjellhjammerr the Heschienne vs. his arch-nemesis the Cyber Ceasar in the year 57,489. Hjellhjammer is one of The Space Barbarians of the Future Dimensions. U-Nonymous the Unknowable is also a member of The Space Barbarians. The other two are named Cy-Borgbarian and Darkheart of Duume (a working title). You'll see images of the latter two in future posts. Space Barbarians!

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pdorian said...

You're my hero. Great stuff, needs more blood though.