Saturday, December 5, 2009


This is a booklet I created in my first year of grad school. It's titled Transfer and tells the story of twin brothers. One of the twins doesn't have legs, the other doesn't have arms. Neither have the top half of a head with eyes. But they find a top-half head with eyes growing from a tree. Working together they're able to reach it. But the brother with arms has a demon in his head. So they go into psycho therapy to get rid of the demon. The therapist gives them their own voice. When the brothers travel in the world they come across a woman in military gear with a pet monkey. They are about to ring a bell at the top of a building. When the brother try to speak with their newly achieved personal voice, the woman tells them to shush, takes the voice and throws it in a well. When the monkey strikes the bell, the twins and their half-head with eyes break apart. And the story starts over again. I was influenced heavily by Marcel Dzama and Henry Darger when I was making these pictures.

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