Tuesday, July 14, 2015

BLADES & LAZERS Collected Edition

Ian Harker and Sacred Prism are collecting the first two issues of BLADES & LAZERS into one over-size volume. Click here for the Kickstarter page to back the project.

Here's the details from the Kickstarter:
BLADES & LAZERS will be a collection of the original risograph series by Benjamin Marra published by SACRED PRISM from 2013-2014.
The new book will be 40 pages, 9x12 with an additional story by Benjamin Marra, a back-up story by Lale Westvind, as well as original pin-ups and supplemental material by various rad art-cartoonists.
Most rad of all will be the new printing format which will be 2-Color offset throughout with FLUORESCENT PINK and METALLIC BLUE spot colors!!!
So yeah, if you know about Benjamin Marra, Sacred Prism, etc you know this book will be sick.
The cost breakdowns roughly are:
60% - Printing/Freight
30% - Artist Compensation
10% - Distribution

Risks and challenges

75% of this book is already "in the can" so there is a very low likelyhood for delays, but it's always possible.

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