Thursday, April 19, 2012

Shia LeBeouf Comic Book Sensibilities Draw Comparison To My Own

Sean T. Collins reviews Shia LeBeouf's comic book work over at The Comics Journal and draws the comparison between LeBeouf's sensibilities and my own:
So too is his footing upon the fine line between irony and sincerity. Cyclical winks at the melodramatic excess of its story yet does so with a straight face, if that makes any sense. Like, say, Benjamin Marra, LaBeouf understands that the ridiculousness of a period-’60s motel sign (“Pink” in Vegas-style quasi-cursive, “MOTEL” in big block letters, palm fronds swaying in the background) or a demonstrative sex scene between a man with an eightball back tattoo and a dreamlike blonde I can’t help but mentally refer to as “his girl” (“Oh fuck…Davey…Your [sic] the best there ever was baby…the best there ever was…Stay with me”) doesn’t cancel out its weirdly primal power.
This is awesome to me. I haven't read LeBeouf's comics yet, but I've seen is acting work and it's tremendous. I've been telling people he's the best actor of his generation for years. The Transformers trilogy he was in are some of my favorite films from recent years.

Collins also interviewed LeBeouf for Rolling Stone. Check that out here.


Sean T. Collins said...

I think Lisa H. is going to be slightly less pleased with the comparison.

PS: Is Lincoln Washington actually out yet? I've seen Tucker talking about it like it is but I could swear it's not...

Unknown said...

Ha. I would hope Lisa would be honored to be mentioned with LeBeouf.

LINCOLN WASHINGTON, isn't officially out yet, but I had some copies when I was at Bergen Street Comics and gave some to Tucker there. I need to mail you some.