Tuesday, December 13, 2011

GANGSTA RAP POSSE Rounds Out Timothy Callahan's Best Of 2011 List

Over at Comic Book Resources Timothy Callahan begins his Best of 2011 list in the latest installment of his column When Words Collide. GANGSTA RAP POSSE makes the list coming in at #30. This is what Tim said about the issue:

A couple of years after Marra's Traditional Comics published the first issue of this series in which an N.W.A-like rap group lives the life it rhymes about, he returns with issue #2, using a more streamlined pen-and-ink style to depict the violence and debauchery of his mythical "heroes."

The thrill of this book is not just in its witty satire of politics and hip-hop poses, but in the glee in which the story unfolds. A book like this makes all other macho action comics seem like soft-focus Lifetime movies in comparison.

Check out the list #11 to 30 here.


Jeselvis said...

Hey Benjamin -
Love to see some more grisly adventures of Zorion the SwordLord!


Unknown said...

Yeah, I just have to finish the last two pages of the first chapter and post them. I'll probably print up a collection some day in the near future.