Thursday, February 4, 2010

Night Business | Issue 3 | Available at FAMILY

If you live in the LA area you should stop by Sammy Harkham's book store, FAMILY. Issues of NIGHT BUSINESS can be found there and ISSUE 3 just arrived at the store. There's a mention about it on the FAMILY blog right here, with some kind words to say about the issue:
One of the best comic series around-strippers, vice cops, serial killers, guidos, all mix it up in the pre-giuliani era New York. Like Douglas Sirk directing an Abel Ferrara script or something.
Thanks to Sammy.


MessageForce said...

I like the cartoon very much. The way it has been endorsed in the blog is amazing. The artist must be greeted with a big prize.

Anonymous said...

I live in Austin, Texas and found your comics at Domy Books...very cool shit! When is issue 3 of Night Business going to reach us here in Austin?
I loved your piece in the Monster Show as well. Wish I had the cash to buy it...


Dave Allen