Monday, January 25, 2010

Night Business | Issue 3 | The Factual Opinion

NIGHT BUSINESS, ISSUE 3, made the cut for Tucker Stone's "Comics Of The Weak" among others for this week's releases. Check it all out here and let the words tumble over your brain and be soothed and satisfied, while simultaneously becoming informed, in a way that only Tucker's writing can provide:
Torture can't stop Johnny. Torture is Johnny's fuel. Torture is how Johnny clambers up the side of a mountain of crates, torture is what gives Johnny the strength of character to execute, to seal-the-deal. And while the pimps and the slashers may seem to have the upper hand, while the streets of the city may be coated in a thick slime of blood, cum and some more blood as well as some beer, because fuck it, mama needs a beer if she's gonna dance for these sumbitches, ya'll out your cracker and curbing gums on the asphalt if you think anybody does this goddamned job sober, and yep, whoever you are, Monkey Dick, we all blame you ...

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