Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Gangsta Rap Posse | On Sale Now!

The first issue of Gangsta Rap Posse has dropped!

1991. South Central, LA, is a world of crushing beats, hard rhymes, murderous days and police-chased nights. The kings of South Central, the most notorious rap group in the world, Gangsta Rap Posse, is on the loose, eliminating rivals, dealing stolen dope and getting rich! They're wanted by corrupt cops and hot women equally. In between gun battles and getting paid, they're dominating the mics and working on their much-anticipated upcoming album! It's sure to be a wrecking ball on the charts! Witness the first chapter in their story, Californiapocalypse.

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LOOKA said...

Hahahah! This looks freakin' great/hilarious! "Straight outta Compton!"

julie said...

Hey Ben - I tried to put this in my cart and pay via paypal but it doesn't show up in the cart when I try to check out. Not sure why and I'll try again but just in case this is something you control, I thought I'd let you know

Unknown said...

Seems to be working if you go to my website's shop page: