Thursday, December 11, 2008

Night Business | Issue 1 | FOR SALE!

Order your copy today! Right here!
(or see the list below of local NYC shops where copies are also available)

Discover a world where vigilante justice takes the form of one man's fists furiously hammering down on the faces of his enemies with righteous vengeance on the neon-slime-covered streets of the city. A world where sin, sex and hedonistic desire are hot commodities and true, pure love is in short supply. A world of violence and murder running wild, where civil institutions of authority are as morally corrupt as the city's criminal element. This is a world that has given up on hope, but not on revenge, money or power. This ... is Night Business ...

... And if you live in New York City, Night Business, Issue 1, can be found at these fine establishments:

· Cosmic Comics
· Desert Island Comics
· Forbidden Planet
· Jim Hanley's Universe
· Soundfix
· Spoonbill & Sugartown
· St. Marks Comics
· Time Machine Nostalgia


Pete said...

i just bought this last week and it's great and hilarious. you might be happy to know the copy i got, they had in the 80s indie comic box (they had a few on their new release wall too).

Unknown said...

Dude. That is awesome ...
Thanks for sharing.