Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Night Business | Review on Comics Comics

The fine folks over at the PictureBox blog, Comics Comics, which is also a comic book review newspaper and is dope, did a review of the promotional book of Night Business I handed out at MoCCA.

From the review:
The story of a stripper who won't be bought and a killer on the loose, Night Business trucks in noirish genre tropes but renders them with such detail and conviction that the woody dialogue and relentlessly stark lighting go down smoothly and enjoyably. I like the overall feeling of the comic and feel as though Marra is trying to single-handedly restore some "order" to comics. Marra's layouts do most of the work, providing a structure for his detailed scenes — murder, XXX dancing, fights with a capital 'F' — and it sports one of the coolest covers I've seen in awhile. It's totally over the top and worth checking out.
Check out the full review here. PictureBox publishes and their blog (as well as newspaper), Comics Comics, reviews high-end, smart, intellectual comics marketed toward the literary, educated and cultured corner of the comic book readership. So it's weird that they dig Night Biz. Har! Thanks so much to Frank Santoro, Tim Hodler and Comics Comics.

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