Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Indie Rock Universe!

I did this 4-page, gatefold illustration for the 40th Anniversary Issue of Rolling Stone Magazine recently. It’s only on stands for one more day. But you should be able to still flip through the sections of it on the Rolling Stone website here. And you can view a Frankenstien-style scan on the illustrations section of my website here. But it’s funny, I’m not a real big fan of Indie Rock. I like Heavy Metal, y’know? (devil sign).

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grandbanks said...

Hey, just curious, as there is now a lawsuit concerning this spread. I am in one of the bands listed, which is very surprising to me as basically no one knows who the fuck we are compared to most of the bands on there, and so I was just wondering how you got the list of band names you used. It seems like you were handed them to include. Just wondering, as it is pretty bizarre to me all around. Thanks -- Davis