Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Best of 2009 | Night Business, Issue 2, & Gangsta Rap Posse, Issue 1

Night Business, Issue 2, and Gangsta Rap Posse, Issue 1, made it onto Tucker Stone's list of The Best Comics of 2009. They came in at numbers 21 and 22. Here's what Tucker had to say:

There's always a couple of comics that bubble up out of nowhere, comics that come bearing descriptions they seem incapable of living up to. Night Business & Gangsta Rap Posse--both the product of Benjamin Marra and his Traditional Comics publishing house--were those two. Could a Skinemax movie delivered in pure Paul Gulacy style really be that good? Did the comics landscape really need to see what would happen inside the wet dreams of an N.W.A. fan? That's what I was asking myself before I read them. Afterwards, all I wanted to know was why the hell these comics weren't being published on the sides of an army of blimps, all of which were hovering over every wi-fi capable coffeehouse in the country. This is how all contemporary fiction should read.
Reading those words felt like a mug of hot chocolate being dumped right over my heart while wearing a pair of very supportive briefs. Thank you very much, Mr. Stone. By the by, you can check out more of Tucker Stone's (and friend's) reviews and ideas on many things at his blog The Factual Opinion right here. And the other entries of his column, This Ship is Totally Sinking, right here.

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